Ear syringing Advice


Rubber Ear Syringe Bulb (e.g. Portia product, as below, or equivalent – retail price is usually under £5): 


ear syringe guidance

Do not use if: 

  • The ear drum is (or has been) damaged.

  • Sensitive to olive oil/water

  • Suffer from dizziness

  • There is any other ear disorder (such as pain, discharge, inflammation, infection or tinnitus), or if anything else has been used in the ear.


In rare cases, painful episodes can occur, particularly if the ear's delicate inner lining has been damaged, broken, inflamed or infected, whereupon the use of the device can be painful. If this is the case, then this should therefore not be used, for example, after ill-advised mechanical efforts to dislodge wax (such as with finger nails or other implements)

If in doubt, or if there is any history of ear problems, seek medical advice before use.

If irritation or pain occurs during use, or if symptoms persist, stop treatment and consult your doctor.

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