Health Visitors

Health visitors / Child health

Available on 01343 816330 Monday to Friday 8:30am -4:30pm


Health Visitors - A team of 3 Health Visitors and Community Nursery Nurse led by Fiona Huffersmiling_mum_with_baby

The Health Visiting team aims to promote the health of the whole community but primarily works with preschool children and their families. They undertake childhood developmental assessments in keeping with the routine surveillance programme, offer support regarding parenting, child protection and all aspects of child care. 

Immunisations are carried out by the immunisation team

The core programme offered to all children is as follows:

  • A Primary visit following discharge from the midwife
  • 3-5 weeks - 2 home visits
  • 6-8 weeks - Developmental and well-being review at home (Baby bookbug baby)
  • 3 months -  Developmental review at home
  • 4 months - Developmental review at home (Weaning bag and leaflets)
  • 8 months - Developmental review at home
  • 13-15 months - Developmental and well-being review at home (Toddler bookbug bag)
  • 27-30 months - Developmental and well-being review
  • 4-5 years - Developmental and well-being review prior to starting Primary School
  • All new to area families should receive a minimum of 1 visit/contact to be introduced to your Health Visitorbaby3

All families are invited to attend an 8 week block of sessions, with in these sessions there will be;

Infant Massage

All new babies will be offered a 4 week course in Baby Massage - more information can be found in the leaflet in your child's Red Book

Paediatric Basic Life Support and Choking

This is a one off session that gives parents and carers information around basic life support and choking.

Peep sessions

After the infant massage and basic life support session, there will be a further 3 sessions, the focus of these are weaning along with ideas for play to support development



Helpful websites

The two websites below are full of informative, up to date information, we would encourage you to use these valuable resources.

Immunisation programme

Immunisation is a way of protecting against serious diseases. Once we have been immunised, our bodies are better able to fight these diseases if we come into contact with them. More information on child hood immunisation can be found here:


What to expect after immunisation: babies and young children: The information leaflet below should help:


School Nursing Service

School Nurse Team- School Nurse (Current vacancy) and Health Support Care Worker

The NHS Grampian School Health Service is staffed by nurses who have undergone specialist training. They work in schools to promote good health, carry out health screening and provide vaccination and immunisation services for pupils. Primary 1 (P1) school children in Scotland are screened to check their height, weight, vision and other general health issues. Similarly, in Secondary 2, school children receive vision screening and a colour vision test. School
nurses can also develop care plans for school children with health problems and ensure that everything is in place for these pupils to allow them to get on with ‘school life.’
The school nurses work closely with teachers and parents and are useful source of advice
and information. They also liaise with hospital services to ensure that pupils are receiving
appropriate care and medicine.
In secondary schools, school nurses also play a supporting role in the classroom, particularly around social education, for example, issues relating to sexual health, smoking and drugs.


Useful Links


Within your weaning bag you will receive information to help you introduce solid foods to your baby, these are Fun First Foods and Weaning, What Foods? When? How much?

The following links from the NHS may also be helpful

The Caroline Walker Trust have a handy guide called eating well for 1-4 year olds

The NHS Grampian speech and language therapists in Moray have set up a Facebook page, Moray slt, on here they have advice for dealing with fussy eaters


The ERIC website has lots of helpful advice and guidance on issues such as; toilet training, day and night time wetting and also constipation

Sleep Scotland are an Edinburgh based charity, who offer a helpline for parents looking for support around their child's sleeping
Your Community Nursery Nurse and Health Support Care Worker are available to offer support and advice on how to deal with challenging behaviour. 
The following links may also be helpful free access to Solihull Approach using TARTAN as the access code.  Courses cover from pregnancy to 19 years of age
Development activity ideas from the play@home series, including Polish.

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